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Historical Background

The Haveli Dharampura with its distinctive features is attributed as Late Mughal style though parts of it has the influence of the 20st Century architecture. During Mughal and late Mughal Period, a large numbers of havelis were built by the courtiers. This Haveli in particular dates to 1887 AD and was originally designed to have mixed use pattern i.e. both residential and commercial.

Brief Description

The name Dharampura comes from the word “Dharam” – religion, likely because of the large number of small and big religious institutions including Jain and Hindu Temples. The building is situated in close proximity (two minute walk) from the historical Jama Masjid.

The surroundings of the Haveli still bear the evidences of history through its physical features. Brackets, balconies, jharokas, multifoliated arched gateway, carved sandstone facades, wooden doorway from the virtual of the approach