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COVID-19 Update

Dear Guest,

Greetings from WelcomHeritage!!!

As we continue to combat the Coronavirus Outbreak, a pandemic that was first reported at the turn of New Year 2020, the Indian government has taken stringent steps to restrain its spread and recently typified it as a ‘notified disaster’.

At WelcomHeritage, we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and continuously collecting all relevant information from government and medical authorities, adhering to protocols and are also in touch with our guests to address all their concerns.

All our Hotels have undertaken additional measures to maintain hygiene and care in their environs ever since the outbreak was reported, we have further strengthened the sanitization checks and deep cleaning procedures across our hotels to ensure a safer and a more hygienic environment for our guests.

All our Hotels are practising the following hygiene and care measures across all areas of their hotel:

1. Deep sanitization and fumigation at frequent intervals. This includes cleaning and disinfection of public area such as lobby, lifts, telephones, washrooms and the air-conditioning system.

2. Step-up in the cleaning procedures and disinfection of guest room facilities including carpet, air-conditioning filter and bathroom air intake vent, further strengthening the cleanliness regime.

3. Deep cleaning and disinfection of all restaurants and kitchen area including cooking utensils and tableware. Strict implementation of food safety guidelines and adherence to current food safety recommendations.

4. All arriving guests are made to fill in a health declaration form at the time of checking in.

5. All staff is advised to disinfect hands and wear masks before entering the hotel, and all food-handling staff mandatorily wear gloves and masks during duty.

6. Any staff member reporting to work with body temperature or influenza-like symptoms, is directed to seek medical advice and refrain from work.

It is unfortunate that the World today has to combat the wrath of the Coronavirus. While we appeal to all to stay extra cautious and take all necessary precautions to curtain the spread of this infection, we also understand that the global environment restraints travel.

We thus strive to do everything in our capacity to address our guest’s apprehensions by introducing ‘booking flexibility’ beyond our published policies.

Effective March 16, 2020, our guests may choose to modify or cancel their existing booking without attracting a penalty, by “calling us directly”.The request however, has to be made at least 24 hours prior to the date of stay and is applicable for stays through April 15, 2020. For new reservations for any future date of stay, including reservations with pre-paid rates, between today and April 15, 2020, the reservations can be changed or cancelled at no charge up to 24 hours before your scheduled arrival date. Please note that changes to the reservation will be subject to availability and a rate differences if any, shall apply.

If the booking had been made through a travel agent, any online booking platform, other third parties or the reservation is a part of a group booking - guests are advised contact the booking provider for further assistance.

Am sure you will agree that nothing is more important to us than health and safety of our guests, partners, patrons and that of our associates in light of the evolving COVID-19 situation. And these factors have become even more crucial. We today live in volatile and uncertain times and the current situation is challenging for all of us all in the industry. Now more than ever we need to stand together and leverage the force of our network to assist each other

We again thank you for your understanding and continued association.

Best Wishes,
Sanjeev K Nayar, MIH
General Manager