Gujarat is often highlighted as one of India’s major industrial hubs, but it also a hotbed of culture. Owing to its location on the Arabian sea, the culture and flavour of Gujarat has spread throughout the sub-continent and beyond on ancient trade routes. The region is best known for the wealth of vibrant and colourful festivals. These include celebrations of Navratri, where the iconic Dandiya Raas dance featuring colourful batons is a must, and Makar Sakranti, a religious festival that is often celebrated by flying large, colourful kites – a tradition exemplified by the International Kite Festival held in Ahmedabad.


Who would have thought that the swiftly growing metropolis, industrial hub, and educational hotspot will also win the accolade of being the first World Heritage City of India! Yes, Ahmedabad is all that and much more.  It will completely bowl you over with its rich history, exquisite architecture, bustling streets, and delightful street food. Juxtaposed amidst the mesmerizing mediocrity and...

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