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Historical Background

Over two centuries ago the foundation stone of Mandir Palace was laid by Maharawal Moolrajji when the temples of Shri Ram and Shri Girdhariji were built along with the Palace complex around the temples. He and his successors subsequently made several additions to this magnificent Palace. The latest and the most beautiful portion of Mandir Palace known as the ‘Jawahir Vilas’ was built by Maharawal Jawahir Singhji in the beginning of the twentieth century. Mandir Palace is well-known for its fine stone carvings. Its architecture is Indo- Saracenic : a blend of the Rajput style and some Islamic patterns that were carried to Jaisalmer through the caravans from Afghanistan & Persia. Recently, Raj Kumar Dr. Jitendra Singh grandson of Maharawal Jawahir Singhji and owner of Mandir Palace transformed this Palace into a premier heritage hotel. He welcome's you to his home.


Brief Description

Jaisalmer, Renowned For Its Magnificent 9th Centuries Old Golden Fort, Amazing Sand Dunes And Intricate Stone Carvings In The Houses Of The Ancient City Is Any Visitors Delight. A Prominent Landmark In This Spectacular Heritage City Is Mandir Palace, Which Had Been The Residence Of The Rulers Of Jaisalmer For More Than Two Centuries. Mandir Palace Is An Exquisitely Carved Architectural Marvel Of Ornate Balconies, Canopies And Delicately Carved Screens That Represent A High Point Of Local Craftsmanship In Its Finest And Purest Form. A Noticeable Feature Of Mandir Palace Is Its Tower Called ‘Badal Vilas’, Which Stands Out As The Tallest Structure Below The Hill-Top City Fort.