Part of the larger kashmir region, Ladakh's stunning beauty, and unique culture stemming from its crossroads location on the Tibet border makes it one of the most sought-after tourism destinations in India. From the Siachen Glacier in the north to the great Himalayas in the south, the mountains yet lush environment of Ladakh makes it a truly breathtaking place for all nature lovers. As one of the least populous territories in India, Ladakh boasts of incredibely serencde and untouched natural vistas to delight visitors. In addition, its unique culture, often earning it the nickname of "Little Tibet" makes it a must visit location for cultural aficionados. 


WelcomHeritage Lha-Ri-Sa is a scenic hillside boutique hotel in Ladakh. The words Lha-Ri-Sa, together connote a divine land where the rich unfathomable Earth and mountains come together, creating oneness. The structural design of Lha-Ri-Sa is traditional and in tandem with the cultural landscape of Ladakh. The local material used in its construction reflects a perfect synergy between the hotel and its...

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