Madhya Pradesh


Due to its central location within the nation, and rich cultural influence, Madhya Pradesh is often known as the “Heart of India”. As a crossroads, it has historically been a melting pot of all the different cultures that have raised their flags in India, a heritage that visible to this day. Between stunning natural wonders, sublime architecture spanning centuries and exquisite religious sites, Madhya Pradesh truly offers something for everyone to have a holistic, enriching getaway. 


There is something about lush greenery and picturesque landscapes that attract us. That’s what Captain Forsyth, a soldier in the British Army, experienced when he came across a plateau on his way up the Mahadev hills. This was Pachmarhi, a scenic hill station where geographical characteristics give testimony for the age-old legends.

At the centre of this hill station, there are five caves, hence...

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The smell of earth, a rooted ambiance, wild forests, down-to-earth tents, and a bevy of sophisticated modern comforts- these are just some of the terms apt for describing the grandeur of one of the best resorts in Pench, the WelcomHeritage Jungle Home. Many hotels and resorts claim to be one's home away from home, but Jungle Home indeed proves to be a beautiful homely destination for one and...

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