Prior to joining India as the 22nd state of the Nation, the Kingdom of Sikkim's history stretched back to the 17th century. A unique kingdom ruled by Buddhist priest-kings, Sikkim's unique culture, cuisine and traditions mesh perfectly with the stunning natural beauty of the region for a rousing vacation that excites the spirit and the body. More than a third of the state consists of the Khangchendzon a National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of incredible biodiversity, with some of the most exquisite flora and fauna to be experienced in the entire nation   


WelcomHeritage Denzong Regency is an admirable respite spread across 10 acres of sprawling area in Gangtok. Situated at a close proximity to MG Marg market, It offers one of the ideal and finest views of the city and the majestic view of the mountain range (Mt. Kanchedzonga). The alluring location and the wonderful ambience of the resort, makes it an ideal destination for families and the honeymoon couples. The...

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