Prior to joining India as the 22nd state of the Nation, the Kingdom of Sikkim's history stretched back to the 17th century. A unique kingdom ruled by Buddhist priest-kings, Sikkim's unique culture, cuisine and traditions mesh perfectly with the stunning natural beauty of the region for a rousing vacation that excites the spirit and the body. More than a third of the state consists of the Khangchendzon a National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of incredible biodiversity, with some of the most exquisite flora and fauna to be experienced in the entire nation   


Nestled amidst the mighty Himalayan Mountains and wreathed in garlands of fluffy clouds, Gangtok is a hill station that will entice you differently at different times of the year with its mystic charm and mesmerizing beauty. During the spring season, this capital city is a riot of colors with flowers erupting and blooming in every corner.

With the arrival of the monsoons, the rivers, lakes, and...

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