Jammu and Kashmir


IIt’s not hard to see why Jammu and Kashmir is often described as the “Switzerland of India” with breath-taking mountain views, lush nature and unique culture. World famous Kashmiri shawls and apple orchards draw many tourists along with the stunning scenery of the region’s numerous mountain passes and valleys. In addition, religious pilgrimage sites such as Vaishno Devi and Amarnath also draw large numbers annually to pay their respects. The state is also home to Gulmarg, not only one of the finest ski resorts in India but the site of the world’s highest green golf course.


A stay at WelcomHeritage Gurkha Houseboats means that your dream of staying in a luxury houseboat in Kashmir is full-filled, a stay at this houseboat is not just tranquil but is an royal experience to cherish. WelcomHeritage Gurkha Houseboats is moored at the edge of the majestic Nageen Lake, a nature lover’s paradise. The Gurkha Houseboats is a family managed hospitality service, today the seventh...

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WelcomHeritage Lha-Ri-Sa is a scenic hillside boutique hotel in Ladakh. The words Lha-Ri-Sa, together connote a divine land where the rich unfathomable Earth and mountains come together, creating oneness. The structural design of Lha-Ri-Sa is traditional and in tandem with the cultural landscape of Ladakh. The local material used in its construction reflects a perfect synergy between the hotel and its...

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