Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu's location, on the southern tip of the Indian Peninsula, has historically made it a crucial nexus for trade and culture. The Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean linked the region with the world, making it a crucial stronghold for many empires, including the “Three Great Empires” of Indian Antiquity – the Chera, Chola and Pandyan empires. This rich historical legacy is visible in its grand architecture, ancient temples and unique culture. Housing the Eastern Ghats, the Nilgiri Mountains, and the Meghamalai Hills, the natural beauty of Tamil Nadu makes for a breath-taking visit for every tourist.   


Situated amid a chain of misty hills spread across a lush green carpet – with plenty to see, enjoy, and experience, Ayatana will be much more than a visitor’s paradise. Spread across 20 acres with 30 rooms overlooking the lush green tea estates, Ayatana Ooty offers a perfect sight of the dreamland to relax and rejuvenate. 

Originally occupied by the Toda people, Ooty is located 86 km...

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WelcomHeritage Fernhills Royal Palace spread over 50 acres of state with sprawling Greenwood, was the residence of quondam king of Mysore. Built in 1844, the palace resembles a Swiss chalet, and is superbly finished with Burmese teak and features a magnificent ballroom with a high vaulted ornamental Papier-mâché ceiling. The lobby of the palace has beautiful artifacts and handmade paintings of...

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