Uttar Pradesh


Uttar Pradesh is a state in northern India. Owing to its rich and varied topography, vibrant culture, festivals, monuments, ancient places of worship, and viharas, and an abundance of natural resources the state has many popular tourist and commercial hubs. Uttar Pradesh is also home to three World Heritage Sites and due to the location of Taj Mahal, nearly 7 million people visit Agra every year.Religious tourism plays significant role in Uttar Pradesh tourism as the state has some of the holiest Hindu shrines. Domestic tourist most commonly visit for religious temples while foreign tourist visit for ghats along river Ganges.A diverse flora and fauna exist in the state which favours safaris and wildlife tourism across the state of Uttar Pradesh.


Peru mal a known Zaimndar and a banker used to live in this majestically carved Kothi, named – Badi Kothi. This Kothi is built near the banks of the holy river Ganges, dated back to more than 400 years. History archives highlight that this Kothi back then also served as the headquarters for tax collection, locals used to wait outside on the Kothi in a que while the defaulters were locked in a jail, which is...

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